Specializing in Headshots and Creative Portraiture

Forden Photography is named for my great-grandmother, Luella Forden.  In the early years of the 20th century, she developed her own photographs in her bathtub--as indeed, I started doing some 75 years later.  Sadly she died in the great flu epidemic of 1918. 

I am a professional actor myself, and while my photographic interests are broad, headshot and portrait photography, and product photography, are the principal services I offer others. I understand the needs of performers and know how to help you get comfortable and achieve your best shots.  When possible and appropriate, I prefer unusual backgrounds and settings to create a sense of texture and story--while keeping you as the subject of focus. 

I love to shoot outdoors, weather permitting, but I have a studio conveniently located in the EMF building in Cambridgeport (110-120 Brookline St).  Shoots at other locations can also be arranged--your home, office, or any place of your choosing.  I occasionally shoot private events as well.  Just contact me to discuss your needs.

Michael Forden Walker